Phil with Combat Dragon's A-37 Dragonfly , Sept 2009 photoshoot


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June 18 2011 - I attended the new aviation event, COCKPITFEST AUSTRALIA in Melbourne. Along side other military cockpit collectors and aviation enthusiasts we all chatted. The day went well attracting around 50 people. Planning for 2012 will now begin.

1 April 2011 
At RAAF Richmond, a special 90th Annviersary Gala Ball  was held to celebrate the RAAF 90th Birthday. I had being invited to the event to showcase my heritage flightgear and educate people on preserving history. I hope it will make some people think and become more interested in maybe forming some kind of "base museum".

28 Feb 2011  
During the HARS airshow on 27 Feb 2011, i was interviewed by 2 local newspaper photo/journalists regarding my heritage flightgear displays. Hopefully these 2 interviews will help spread the word about aviation heritage / collecting flightgear more.
Pictures: Greg Totman
Credit:Photo by Greg Totman , Illawarra Mercury newspaper

19 Feb 2011 - I am donating to the HARS Museum ( located at Albion Park south of Sydney, a few bits of flightgear for their WW2 Catalina warbird project.
In colobration with a few people i know who have worked on the project,  i am in the future agreeing to donate 2 x WW2 era headsets as used / worn by pilots/aircrew..

This donation will help enable the Black Cat HARS team to ensure the legacy of the Catalina is able to grow and show the general public at airshows and events, what the 1940s era Catalina crew wore in flying.