Phil with Combat Dragon's A-37 Dragonfly , Sept 2009 photoshoot


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I am available to travel to airshows and museums for display acts, where i "suit up" and show people, what it was like for the pilots/aircrews of the past, wearing the rare flying gear and by posing around and sitting in various warbirds (subject to approval).


With over 15 years in the hobbie - collecting, restoring and preserving flightgear - i am very knowledgable on the subject area. I am able to educate the general public on historical issues and reasons as to why the flying gear was chosen. I allow touching / hands on of some of my flight gear items to enable kids to learn and understand about the use of the gear.

An example of the education display i can bring to an event is shown from my trip to the HARS 2011 open day -

I can bring the following items to a event -

* Myself wearing appropiate flying gear for the day to match the warbird aircraft on display.
Examples can include as seen at HARS 2011 -
WW2 RAAF Catalina flightgear - 

Or as a CAC Sabre Jet pilot...

* A static display - Martin Baker H7 ejection seat from a ex USAF F-4D Phantom on a stand, for people to sit on while wearing a flight helmet for photo purposes. It is the front pilot seat from F-4D airframe 66-7539

* Cut out display of flying gear for photo purposes...great for kids and adults to pose behind for fun

* Table set up with various ww2 to vietnam era RAAF, RAF and USAAF / USAF flying helmets on display

* Mannerquin / head displays dressed with flying gear in period era clothing

* Display board with various flying gear items on show

In the future subject to further planning, i may have following available for display -

*Aircraft cockpit section for sitting in - yet to be acquired

* Another ejection seat to display - potential a F-86 Sabre seat

Currently i am available for Sydney/NSW, some QLD and some Victorian airshows. I am looking to travel to SA and maybe WA in the longer term.

In organising my appearance at events, i am willing to absorb some of the costs to attend museums/airshow. Please contact me if you would like me to attend and display.

I am also able to offer for a small fee, a consultant services to museums and collectors, to assisit in acquiring the correct era flight gear for displays.

Please ask me if your needing assisitance with displays or information.